To cherish the blend of culture , tradition, innovativeness, reunion, rejuvenation GARIA SARBOJONIN DURGOTSAB COMMITTEE presents GARIA NABADURGA(organized by GARIA MITALISAGHA).GARIA NABADURGA was established in the year 1941 and since then has been Kolkata's oldest progressive Durga Puja and one the most popular one.MAA DURGA replicates its beautiful idol resembling 9 different forms or swaroop , aunique, a unique, practically articulated with innovative and traditional goddess also NABA DURAGA is famous for its exotic pandal and gorgeous lighting. The uniqueness of the pandal stands in the fact that they are made in lieu of the magnificent replicas of the temples from all over India which earned fame and succeeded to the present a style of its own to thousands of spectators who visit the Puja Pandal every Year .


______CULTURAL ASPECT______:


Apart from GARIA NABAGURGA being an adobe of assembly for the thousands of people during the Durga puja days, the puja premises is busy with the sit and down competition, classical music and dance competition for different ages of children. There is open to all competition for DHUNUCHI DABCE.


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